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An Event Monitor is a small recording device that is similar to the Holter monitor except that you wear the device for 30 days. After an event, the recorder will beep and you will need to call the 1-800 number that is provided to you to send the recorded event. The monitoring service then faxes the recording to your provider’s office, or to the provider on-call.


  • Wear a shirt or blouse that opens in the front​
  • Continue your medications as directed by your provider

During the test:

  • Your chest area will be prepared and sticky pads (electrodes) will be applied to your chest and connected to the monitoring device
  • You will be instructed by the technician about the use of the monitor and about transmitting event recordings
  • You may perform your usual daily activities
  • You will be provided with a supply of extra electrodes and shown how to reapply them after bathing or replace them if one comes off.

After the test:

  • You will mail the recording device back as instructed by the technician
  • Your provider will make recommendations about your care based on the results of the test.
  • You may expect to hear from the nurse about the test within 14 days or at your next appointment